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Deeply Concerned January 6, 2012

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Too heavy for us to bear, the poor getting poorer while the rich getting richer and they don’t think of the other man, until when? Will it come to our realization that we all equal before the very eyes of our loving father.

It’s all about the recent demolitions’ done by the government at different places here in the city, which were done without notices to the premises owners to therefore safeguard their properties from damage. Many thanks to undugu society for creating time for us digital fraternity to go and sympathise with our brothers and sisters victims of the then mtumba slum which was brought down.

Too ironical, the structures which were brought down were sandwiched in between some well furnished flats which were not in any way interfered with, it’s such unpleasing sight to see, everyone busy not in a search to better their lives but collecting pieces of then their property with scrap metal men carrying the day, much gaining from the other people losses.

It’s really a task to sleep in a polythene paper structure, and with the cold Nairobi nights and bad weather where it keeps on raining, mothers, children who are not strong like men to withstand the cold thus risking getting sick. Imagine, that poor man, who depends on that place for everything meaning for searching his daily bread either through a small business and a small structure to shelter from cold, just abruptly sees a bulldozer bringing down his structure and with all his property damaged as no one caring, too painful and with nowhere to vacate to.

A big shame  to the government  where we have our learned brothers and sisters who pretend to care for us, false promises they come and give to us, why didn’t they come up with  a proper mechanism to move people not just to treat them in a such an in human way.



CITY BOY December 15, 2011

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Many of you can bear me witnesses, to have worked, interacted or even lived with city boys.

There is much to learn and to experience what they go through, how it feels being in the city without a job or even a place you can call your home.

City is one place, whereby having money is easy though one uses many different ways to get it, at least enough for a day.

One funny thing with city boys is that they love money but they never love working for it, which means one put his/her all efforts to search for money using illegal means.

Some beg for bread in the streets, others doing manual jobs, some resort to drugs and crime to have money. At times, one can wake up early at dawn when the sun rises, only to look for job till dusk, still no luck. When such happens, some prefer to idle around; others drink recklessly while some prefer gambling.

Talk of the vices, one never gets to realize what is happening when you one is in you never realize what s happening in life as they get in you, you can never think of anything to do, it’s like you get addicted, just like the smokers are.

Like gambling for instance, I have gambled for more than three years and all I can say is, gambling is never good, I never knew how I used to spend the money we got after gambling as everyday you wake up with nothing left even for you to have breakfast.

To my opinion, don’t gamble for you to have a good life.

Thank God, Rastafarian is my security, in my coming in and going out , guide I God, in my ups and downs, keep me far from demons and vampires, protect me from Satan.

Nothing to Smile About December 9, 2011

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No one deserves to be illiterate especially if there is free education in primary level and also free tuition in secondary level.
Education is the key to success in this lifetime and it has no end no matter the age, gender and so on. The constitution states every child has a right to acquire basic education. If necessary force can be used by law enforcers to make people especially the parents abide by the constitution.
Never the less, citizens have an obligation to ensure children go to school, not necessarily that one must have a child so as to take action. The child is the state property.
With that in mind we can be hopeful that the future of this beloved country is on safe hands if education is given the first priority.

Blind at dawn! August 7, 2010

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Its one of this cold and chilly Nairobi mornings at around 6.00 a.m. and people are rushing to different destinations to such, to meet their needs as KENYA is a working nation, I meet JUMA one of my long time friends and who due to high poverty levels and lack of parental care wasn’t lucky to secure himself a chance in school for him to be knowledgeable.

Slum life is not easy, Juma earns his living through pushing handcarts, carrying goods to and from places around the KIBERA slums, he has been living  here since his childhood and for him to do his job well , he has to be drunk of his favorite illegal brew, which without he feels dead tired and unable to work.

So we left through the dark pathways in between the short mud walled houses to a destination which he knew, we  crossed over these strange smelling tunnels passing garbage till we came to a green gate, which after knocking the normal joyful mood of drunkard had been replaced by mourning.

The day before over ten people had died of taking that brew while thirteen more lost their sight , who were Juma’s friends, after getting this  sad news , Juma only nods his head and says “I will withdraw from this brew to another,” says Juma.

Illegal brew has been a hindering issue in the society for a long time now, but due to high corruption in the government the poor only keeps on suffering with no one to hear their grievances.

About four years down the line, people in eastern province died of the same illegal brew and the government only issued threats, three months ago here in Nairobi, people lost their dear livess and others sight , now in Kibera slums, where a total number of twenty three people lost their lives and others sight.

Desperate times needs desperate measures, it’s a high time the government protected its people and mostly the poor, who are highly affected by this problem every now and then. For how long will we watch, children becoming orphans, women becoming widows, our brothers and sisters dying of a thing which can be easily controlled?

Stop and report domestic violence! June 29, 2010

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To many of us this is not a strange topic to talk about as we have come across us either practically or through reading it on journals.

For those who have been victims of domestic violence, it is not only easy to  bear the pain, not even live a day without one questioning him/herself if things would ever get back to normal.

Since childhood all along up to date, I have never uttered the word daddy, not that I cannot speak, but because I have no one to refer to as daddy. I have never imagined how it feels for one to be held in daddy’s arms.

My parents parted ways when I was a few weeks old. I was taken in by my grandparents who have always taken care of me up to now. The only day I got a chance to look at my father, is when he was in a coffin awaiting burial, it was a pity, for he could not see me, not even talk to me.

By then, I was 13 years old, almost to sit for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations. Since that time, I have always been having memories imagining, if it was not for my parents divorce, I would have been lucky enough to meet my educational dreams and pursued my childhood dream of attaining a degree in law in one of the university’s.

I just don’t know what to say about the situation, when I turn around and see street urchins all along, sleeping out in the cold, have no one to turn to for their needs and most probably the basic needs and parental care which is vital as without the parents no one to tell them what is right from what is wrong.

Here in the streets, there is nothing to smile about, just begging, with crime and drug monsters waiting for people to buy. It is hard to have nowhere to lay your head while even the birds of the sky have a nest to rest on when darkness comes, nothing to eat, no money to spend, living on empty promises by strangers which never come true.

A big percentage of street urchins are affected by the same situation where you find one comes from a single parent family. Due to hardships in life one has to go an extra mile and go on hustling to fulfill personal needs and even uplift one’s family.

There is a need for the government to put across strong information concerning such issues because only women and children who are highly affected and end up suffering.

Need for Better Housing March 30, 2010

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Since the colonial days up to date the railway which connects Kenya and some other African countries passes through Kibera slums.


In these slums, a big number of dwellers are low income earners and many hustle in different parts of the big city while others are self-employed which brings about the need for a cheap transport mode to connect people to different destinations.


The trains which offer services to different parts of this country as also the passenger service vehicles (psvs) do , are usually cheaper  and fares are not hiked as done by the psvs either during rush  hours ( to and from jobs)or during rainy seasons.


The rail passes between those small mud houses which are built along the railway. Still, people sleep inside them, despite the fact that many accidents occur often. No one seems to care about it.


Accidents’ being the biggest challenge brought about by the trains, many people never taken into consideration the need of preventing themselves from accidents either by moving a bit far from the railway.


Still, one wonders why instead of people boarding train, they prefer jumping on it when it is on the move, so that they do not pay fare, yet they are risking their lives.


Poor housing plan has been a major setback, leading to the rise of these accidents. Since prevention is better than cure, there is a need to make people aware of the risks they pose themselves to, the government should put, and work hand in hand with UNICEF in upgrading the slums.



Brutal deaths March 24, 2010

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It was after the post-election violence that the police came to lime light with the high numbers  of  death cases that occurred all over the country. Many innocent youths, women and children lost their dear lives, as a result of ignorance and poor handling of fire arms by the police.

Many youths have been murdered all along by the police by using an illegal sect known as “mungiki” as a scape goat for their evil deeds.

Prof ASTON from United Nations,  visited the country early last year, and  through his investigations, he found that, the police had been using excessive force in dealing with small issues which arise, thus end up killing innocent citizens and  leaving many cursing the day they were born due to  multiple injuries they  sustain in the hands of the police. Many have been left crippled with no one to intervene on their behalf.

The police, being one of the most vital forces in the government, have many a times been blamed for frauds, in which corruption has taken a higher percentage. Through experience I have witnessed police officers receiving bribes from offenders instead of arresting them.

For some years now,  I have been in the streets hustling. it is not an easy activity, being without a job and one has to eat, pay house rent and many other  basic needs, this makes me go against the  laws of this country in order to earn my daily bread.

Some years back, I decided to hustle through gambling, out of which I got a chance to mingle with the police quite often. Though gambling  is illegal in accordance with our laws, I participated in it for almost a year and a half, not even a single day, was I arrested by the police. We often bribed them every now and then, this was advantageous on our side but a far big cry to the citizens who never gained from this game.

A few days ago, we saw on our local media, 7 unarmed taxi men who were shot dead by the police. When the public put pressure on the police commissioner to explain what led to the shooting of the taxi men, they gave many suspicious answers, that no one up to date can tell what actually happened.

After making a follow-up it came out that the officers involved were drunk on duty which gives a clear indication that the government is doing very little for its citizens and not even caring of the citizen’s security.

For how long really, do we have to talk of murder cases involving our security firms, the head of state should come out and address the nation as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and give the way forward on what circumstance, live ammunition should be used.

On my conclusion, such an act has brought fears among the citizens and more especially among the youths who have to go through difficulties to win their daily bread through different ways. Only peace, love and unity can see us through.


Knowledge is power! March 24, 2010

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Foul, foul, foul crying foul every now and then, who will ever stand strong and fight for the poor peoples rights? Education is the road to success, so they say; indeed without education in today’s world you’re nothing, as we talk of technology which is speedily growing and with illiteracy one cannot be able to catch up with it and find a better place for him/her in the society.

It’s ironical when the minister of education who should be our king, turns out to be the one man who never cares for the needy children all over the country who are really in need of education to brighten their future.

Just a few months ago, we saw on our local media, donors freezing aid due to fraud in the ministry of education which led to misunderstanding between the two principals in the political class.

After daily bread, education is the first need of the people, schools around slums and drought hit areas face lots of problems as resources are not equally distributed and also corruption being a major problem, head teachers keep on chasing children home due to uniforms, school maintenances fee, and many other small problems which is leading to a high rate of school dropouts. 

We thought the free primary education was the solution to fight illiteracy in poor communities, but it has turned out to be even the problem. Lack of resources, few teachers to face the high growing number of new pupils and corruption has led to the poor performance of the project. 

Big welcome to the donor’s idea of releasing the aid, but this time through NGOS which is a better way of fighting the high rate of corruption in the government. If the aid is frozen, the poor child is the one who suffers.

This culture of impunity with our leaders should be thoroughly fought in order to have a developing state.

Rise up and defend the poor! March 23, 2010

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The common citizen’s rights are being violated every now and then, in everything the government is doing; there is no justice at all and no one seems to be deeply concerned.

I do remember vividly about a decade ago although I was a kid but I thank GOD, I was brought up by my late grandfather who was wise in the sense that not many people of his age were literate.

He fought in the Second World War and also worked for the East Africa breweries as a driver. After retiring from the (E.A.B.L) and going back to the village, he used to order for a Swahili written newspaper each and every day. I got a chance to have a glance on the headlines.

  Back then, we used to talk of HARAMBEE meaning people coming together and doing something constructive which can help their community and the country at large.

as compared to now where you can wake up and read a newspaper headline on our land and get shocked and mad.

Since the beginning of this year, there are over five cases where innocent people were shot by the police and its termed as a mistaken identity or a stray bullet.

 It’s really hurting and painful to see family mourning death of a person who wakes up early in the morning to search for bread for his family in a country where food prices get higher and higher every day, unlike the income, where free primary education funds are pocketed so one has to search for money, to enable his kids get a better quality education and so on.

The work of the police is to protect the country from internal and external aggressions so they seem to forget their duty. Last year, we lost one of our association members who was shot just a few kilometers from our place and so the end of a young life which would have helped in building the nation in future.

What is wrong, making war between police themselves, police and civilians, police and taxi men? Everyone is at war with the police. God created each and every one of us with a purpose.

 Call on the international bodies to keep on pushing for reforms, as it gives us hope to hear someone somewhere rising and defending us.

Water is a necessity! December 21, 2009

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For the last few months Kenyans had been experiencing hard times due to power rationing which mostly lasted for the better part of the day.

With majority of the people relying on power, either to run their workshops or other businesses nationwide which have created job opportunities as a result, majority of the people have managed to afford their daily bread.

Not only, were  businesses affected but also schools and hospitals that people  are usually in a high demand of the services offered in those places to run various activities were not spared either.

Most of these problems are as a result of the global warming that is taking place globally; as a result, there is drought all over, leading to decline of water levels in the dams that help in the production of hydro-electric power.

Kenyans make long queues on a daily basis to fetch the little available water; still, this is not enough to quench their thirst. The time spent in search of water would have been spent on other things for the betterment of the nation.

High poverty levels in our country, that has led many into cutting down trees to create farms and others burning charcoal, due the insufficient land available, they have ended up polluting the environment, for their own needs. This has ended up affecting the water catchment areas, leaving the masses suffering.

“Water is life”, let us give a greater attention to our environment, and plant more trees as even the creation story in the bible gives man the power over every little thing on earth. Let us care for the nature for it to take care of us too.

The government on its part is showing concern by conserving the Mau forest which covers a high percentage of forestry in our country. It is also a big water catchment area which we depend on. That shows how responsible leaders are in handling public property.